Life is a one time opportunity

People sometimes say I smile a lot. A smile can go a long way for me or for someone else who is hurting. I grew up with joint pain, especially in my knees. I have had three knee surgeries, lots of physical therapists, and way too much pain. I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis in most of my joints. I am about to undergo hip replacement because the arthritis has attacked and destroyed my hip. My doctor suggested Aquatic Therapy to help me prepare for surgery, lose weight, and keep moving. I honestly didn’t want to try it. I have been through PT before with little relief. However it has been the best! Sometimes I don’t want to come, either I am having trouble walking, moving, it hurts too bad, or I’m just too extremely tired and worn out. Regardless of how I feel when I get into the pool I always feel better when I get out. With aquatic therapy I have been able to build strength and endurance. Sometimes you just have to grin and go forward. Life is a one time opportunity. I have found the entire staff, from the office associates to the assistant therapists to the actual therapists to be supportive, caring, and real. The PT’s sometimes push when I don’t feel that I can do anymore, yet they are able to reign me in when I try to do too much. You can see when people truly care about their job and the people they are helping. I see a special bond between the patients and the staff here that reveals they are well liked and have the person’s very best interest at heart. The staff members here at CPAT have touched my heart, given me some grace to continue to walk through life, and I watch them touch others. They are remarkable people who have come together to touch lives.


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